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What do you want to accomplish on the web

The answers can vary: "I want the world to see a picture of my favorite cat", "I need to share with everyone my revolutionary concept for world peace and perfect health", "I would like to make a little cash", etc. The critical key to a well designed web page is its message. From this point you can decide which of the many design tools will effectively get that message across.

How much of a commitment can I make?

Basically, we're talking time and money. Do you have the desire and time to design it from the ground up, do all the writing, graphics, links and updating? How many of these functions will you need some help with. There are ways to get on the web for any budget, from free to thousands of dollars. Why you want on the web and how much you are willing to commit will help you decide how much to spend and where.

Glass Portal can help!

Give us a call. We will be happy to answer any of questions regarding web sites, quote you a price or, or point you in the right direction. Give us a call. Ask us about domain hosting and registration when you call.

Check out our portfolio to see samples of some of our basic style websites. This style of site is designed to provide easy to find infromation at an affordable price. Type of sites include multiple page infomational sites (, single page "web presence" sites (, on-line catalogs (www.chaliceart.ccom)...









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